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Request for Quote:
Centrifugal Fan Specifications

Customer Information
Customer & Contact Name: Street Address:
City State: Zip:
Email: Phone:

Equipment Information
Equipment Name/Number: Application:
Units Req'd: Installation:
Description of Service: Service:

Gas Flow Conditions
Altitude (ft. above sea level): Inlet Volume (ACFM):
Inlet Temperature (F): Inlet Density (LB/FT):
Inlet Pressure (IN WG): Static Pressure (IN WG):
Barometric Press (In Hg): Start-up Temp (F):
Est. BHP: Max Allowable Fan Speed (RPM):

Materials Specifications (Specify ASTM/Lining/Other)
Housing: Wheel Assembly:
Shaft: Shaft Sleeve:
Other: Construction:
Rotation (facing Drive-end): AMCA Arrangement No.:
Fan Inlet Direction: Fan Outlet Direction:
Fan Blade Style: Drive Arrangement:
Capacity Control:
Radial Inlet Guide Vanes
Inlet Box Louver Damper
Outlet Louver Damper
Speed Control
Prime Mover:
Furnished By:
Provide all additional motor specifications:

Fan Accessories: (Check all items applicable)
Inlet Box
Split Housing
Access Door
Casing Drain
Inlet Box Drain
Shaft Interchangeability
Insulated Housing
Insulation Clips
Roller/Ball Bearings
Sleeveoil Bearings
Drive Guard
Inlet Flange
Outlet Flange
Inlet Screen
Turning Gear
Heat Slinger
Shaft Seal
Bearing RTD
Bearing IRD
Special Coding
Scroll Liner
Cheek Liner
Blade Liners
Desired Noise Limit: dbA @ Ft.

If there are other special requirements not listed above, please attach a separate file with sketches or comments.